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"350 percent growth in open cybersecurity positions" - Cybersecurity ventures

"Finding staff with the right skillsets continues to be difficult for cybersecurity teams." - ISACA

Recent reports and surveys indicate that there is a tremendous demand for cybersecurity talent and a number of open positions. While experienced professionals are available, job recruiters are increasingly seeking candidates with industry recognized certifications. Thus, while candidates may possess traits that would allow them to learn and excel within cybersecurity positions; they do not meet the criteria to make it past the initial screening process.

Cybersage offers the necessary resources you need to prepare for your security certifications through our training programs, boot camps and other events. 

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Training and skill enhancement services

Our training and skill enhancement sessions are designed to help participants understand leading industry practices which will enable them to take up corporate roles with much more confidence. 

This includes our bootcamps which help participants develop expertise in defining the architecture and in designing, building, and maintaining a secure business environment using globally aligned Security and privacy standards.

ISO Standards

  1. 27001 series: Information technology — Security techniques — Information security management systems

  2. 20000 series: Information technology —Service management system requirements

  3. 22301: Security and resilience — Business continuity management systems

  4. 27013: Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection

  5. 27701: Security techniques — Extension to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 for privacy information management

  6. 27014: Governance of information security

Emerging focus areas, technologies and concepts

  1. Importance of, and achieving supply chain security

  2. Privacy landscape and regulations in India: Impact assessment

  3. Achieving DevSecOps

  4. Emerging technology - 5G, IoT

  5. Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

  6. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

  7. Solution deep dive: Data Loss Prevention

  8. Solution deep dive: Extended detection and response (XDR)

  9. Solution deep dive: Security operations center

  10. Solution deep dive: Risk based vulnerability management

  11. Solution deep dive: Human risk evaluation and training

  12. Solution deep dive: Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

  13. Solution deep dive: Third party cyber risk management

Core consulting areas

  1. Auditing: Cloud applications and infrastructure

  2. Auditing: SDLC

  3. Auditing: Privacy by design

  4. Secure coding

  5. Web application security

  6. Security Audit Methodology

  7. Cyber Compliances and Law

  8. Risk Management

  9. Cyber security frameworks

  10. Third-Party Security and Risk assessment

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