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Data Privacy is not just about compliance. It is about Trust!

When you build trust, you build value!

We help you do both!

Our Services

Data Discovery and Inventory

Manual discovery of Personal Data and building Records of Processing Activities (ROPA)/Inventory.

Data Privacy Framework

Data Privacy Strategy & Roadmap, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.

Data Protection by Design assessment

Data Protection by Design assessment for Products and Services and Data Privacy Maturity Assessment

Privacy Assessment

Regulatory Gap Assessment, Privacy Risk Assessment, Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA), Legitimate Impact Assessment (LIA), Vendor risk assessment

Respond to
the forever changing threat landscape, by ensuring that security strategy, risk and
governance are continuously evaluated and aligned with business requirements and
business environment.

With today's landscape, organizations need's to devise strategies to align with business objectives, assess and implement initiatives and solutions to enable secure technology adoption, consider implications from legal and regulatory aspects along with effectively monitoring and governing the cyber risk's to the organization. CyberSage gives you access to a pool of domain experts who bring in holistic knowledge and experience to enhance your cybersecurity posture.

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