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Dealing with and protecting against Cybercrime is an essential business need for any organization, big or small!

Our Services

Secure cloud adoption

Clear-cut definitions of the shared responsibility and security can vary between service providers and can change based on cloud offering being used. Cybersage can help you assess, advice, implement and monitor security as per your current or planned adoption of cloud computing.

Security advisory

Cyber threats can pose some serious challenges and potentially threaten the very existence of the organization. We help develop a balanced strategy and roadmap which brings in initiatives aligned to each stage of the organizations journey.

Information security audit

Every organization has information assets and utilizes IT infrastructure, applications, and business processes. This leads to an overall increase in Information security risk. CyberSage can help develop an integrated model for ensuring cross functional governance, responsibility and accountability to address risk and meet regulatory compliance.

Security assessment

We help organizations protect themselves by assessing infrastructure and applications to identify critical vulnerabilities and recommend measures to safeguard the same.

Respond to
the forever changing threat landscape, by ensuring that security strategy, risk and
governance are continuously evaluated and aligned with business requirements and
business environment.

With today's landscape, organizations need's to devise strategies to align with business objectives, assess and implement initiatives and solutions to enable secure technology adoption, consider implications from legal and regulatory aspects along with effectively monitoring and governing the cyber risk's to the organization. CyberSage gives you access to a pool of domain experts who bring in holistic knowledge and experience to enhance your cybersecurity posture.

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